Provider Skills & Knowledge

So You Want to Become an American Heart Association CPR Instructor?  The journey of the AHA BLS Instructor-Candidate has 3 distinct components…


Part 1:  To attend the Instructor Course the candidate must fulfill prerequisites:

Complete a HealthCare Provider or  Heartsaver level course

Be able to demonstrate exceptional provider skills

Be able to demonstrate mastery of cognitive content to be taught

Complete the Core Instructor Course


Part 11:  Successfully complete the discipline-specific (Heartsaver or Healthcare Provider) Instructor course


Part 111:  Upon completion of Parts 1 and 11, candidates are eligible to be monitored as a new instructor.   Candidates must be monitored and demonstrate proficiency in teaching an actual discipline-specific provider course within 6 months of completing the discipline-specific instructor course.  Successful monitoring requires that the candidate demonstrate competency of instructor criteria.